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agnès baillon

With her ‘little men’, made of bronze, resin, or papier maché and their non-idealised body shape, French sculptor Agnes Baillon creates a feeling of strangeness and wonder.
These timeless and identityless subjects seem to have been taken out of a dream. Her technique of layers of paint induces a sense of transparency as if these sculptures were a reflection of innocence. Agnes Baillon refuses to work at human scale to preserve her imaginary universe and incite us to dive inside this world of awkward bodies, to delve beyond their skin.

Agnes Baillon (b. 1963) lives and works in Paris. She graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts of Paris. Her work is exhibited at the Frissiras Museum in Athen and at the Wurth Museum in Germany. She is represented by several galleries in France, Germany, Italy, Greece and in the UK by >french art studio.

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agnès  baillon un jeune en bronze
un jeune en bronze
42 x 15 cm
agnès  baillon fille boudeuse sur trois marches
jeune fille boudeuse sur trois marches
34 x 16 cm
agnès  baillon f
buste de femme romantique
24 x 12 cm
agnès  baillon petit buste de femen croisant les bras
femen croisant les bras
16 x 6 cm
agnès  baillon jeune fille timide
jeune fille timide
43 x 15 cm
agnès  baillon un jeune à londres _ a young man in london
un jeune à londres
45 x 9 cm
agnès  baillon la fille aux cheveux longs
la fille aux cheveux longs
42 x 15 cm
agnès  baillon les mains sur la tte
les mains sur la tête
80 x 20 cm

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