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emma godebska

Emma Godebska (b.1974) comes from a family of French artists. She studied Applied Arts in London and now lives and works in France. Her training led her to work on materials, textures and colours, and develop a reflection around the notion of imprint and trace to explore the underlying questions of time, body, and memory.
Emma Godebska paints on pure white background and uses the texture of paper, linen or canvas to give substance to monochrome calligraphic signs. Playing with paint dilution, she exploits transparency effects and pigment accumulations to emphasize the fluidity and precision of her gesture. The superimposition of its elements and the contrast between the density effects on its edges and the transparency at the centre give a sculptural dimension to the composition, the illusion of volumes floating in space - as an invitation to meditation.
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emma  godebska blue canvas 1
blue canvas 1
90 x 90 cm
emma  godebska blue canvas 2
blue canvas 2
80 x 54 cm
emma  godebska blue canvas 3
blue canvas 3
50 x 50 cm
emma  godebska blue canvas 4
blue canvas 4
73 x 92 cm
emma  godebska grey canvas 2
grey canvas 2
90 x 70 cm
emma  godebska black 1
black linen 1
68 x 48 cm
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