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'marianne l'engagée' by yz
8 November - 1 December, 2019


‘Marianne l’engagée’ - Lithograph

The lithograph ‘Marianne l’engagée’ is now available. 

In collaboration with the renowned printing studio Idem in Paris, the artist YZ has created a limited edition lithograph of 50, all signed and dated.

Yours is now ready for you!

Here is all information:

Marianne l'engagée
Lithograph on paper
Limited edition of 50, dated and signed

For further details click here

Discover the making of video here


Let’s go back to the story of ‘Marianne – l’engagée’….

Back in early 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron enlisted our beloved artist YZ to create the new image of Marianne, the symbol of liberty and the de facto the face of France, which appears on the country’s postage stamps. Over 300 million stamps with the new image were then printed, and released in July 2018.

YZ has created a portrait of a young woman with a glint of determination in her eye. ‘I wanted this Marianne to be strong, proud, and determined, with an unflinching look to the future.’ 

The work appears on a 50-foot mural on the side of a public housing estate in Périgeux, a well-populated town in southwestern France a few miles from the factory of La Poste where the stamps are made.

Who is Marianne?…

Marianne has been a symbol of the French republic since 1792. She has been immortalized numerous times throughout art history, notably in Eugène Delacroix’s famous 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People. In more recent history, selecting a representation of Marianne for the national postage stamp has become a political tradition for incoming presidents, with this being the 30th depiction of Marianne to appear in the form. In 1961, Jean Cocteau had been the artist appointed to create the face of Marianne. Also Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve are among the film stars chosen to be Marianne in the past.

We can not tell how proud we are of her. This is a fantastic recognition of a wonderful work we have always believed in and have supported for more than 6 years now.



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